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Tile Adhesive

At London Tile Shop we have a comprehensive range of strong tile adhesive, including fast-setting compounds and liquid adhesives from top brands.

You'll find the right material for the job whether you're fitting natural stone, porcelain or ceramic tiles, ensuring your new tiles remain in place for many years to come.

- Rapidflex Single Part Flexible Adhesive White 20kg
- Single Part Flexible Glass Tile Adhesive White 20kg
- Quickflex Adhesive White 20kg
- Standard Set Flex White Adhesive 20kg

Tile grout seals the joins between the tiles and prevents moisture from getting behind them, which can cause the tiles to sag and eventually fall off the wall.

When it comes to grout, at London Tile Shop we have an extensive range of tile grout. With our range of grout you can be sure of a high-class finish for years to come.

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Laminate & LVT offer distinct cost and maintenance advantages over expensive natural materials such hardwood and tile. Both laminate and vinyl also offer durability, health and aesthetic advantages over traditional carpet flooring.

They both share the benefit of being extremely versatile in color through 3-D printing that allows them to resemble hardwood or stone. Both flooring materials are also easily replaced when compared to natural material or carpet, since only plank or tile will need to be removed.

We sell the best value for money laminate and LVT in London and pass every single trade discount that we get to our clients.

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RadiatorCheck our range of Radiators and Underfloor Heating. We pass every single trade discount that we get for designer radiators to our clients; providing the best value for money to our clients.

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